About the owner

About the owner Dr. Chevtsov Viktor Arkadievich

Dr.Viktor is the owner and Board Member of Future Metro Dubai, UAE ; Member, Sole Owner and 100% shareholder of Free Zone Establishment ‘BZS invest FZ’, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSV ‘Belzarubezhstroy’ Minsk, Belarus.

Future Metro’s success and growth has motivated him to make several bold decisions over the years that have changed the company's course and helped it become what it is today. Future Metro’s evolution and astonishing growth is not only the result of Dr.Viktor’s fearless approach to overcoming challenges the business has faced, but is due in equal measure to his intense focus on two core values – delivering impeccable service to clients and putting people at the heart of everything Future Metro does.

Because of his many successes and the respect he has earned within the business community, Dr Viktor has won numerous awards. He has been named one of the most influential Business man in Belarus, and has also been called one of the country's top 30 most intriguing entrepreneurs by the leading business magazine. In addition to his varied business pursuits, Dr Vicktor is a committed civic leader and philanthropist.

In 2010, after a natural disaster in Venezuela Dr. Viktor with his team provided timely and necessary assistance, road construction equipment and building materials for remediation of the consequences of the landslide, supplied food and basic essentials to the people who had suffered from the natural disaster.

From 2010 till 2014 he provided assistance to an infant orphan asylum, to people with disabilities, to the underprivileged, to schools and local sport teams in Venezuela.

Dr. Viktor is also an active participant of charitable social events in the Republic of Belarus. In 2014 he provided assistance to the regional children’s hospital, center of remedial and development teaching and rehabilitation in Vitebsk.

In 2012-13 Dr. Viktor and BZS sponsored the exhibition ‘Two visions of the same creative passion’.

He supports the promotion of a healthy lifestyle among young generation, established close cooperation with National Olympic Committee, Belarusian Federation of ice skating, handball club ‘Dinamo-Minsk’, and Belarusian Football Federation.

He is supporting Orthodox Churches and Parishes, has built several churches. Dr. Viktor is awarded with the St. Cyril of Turov medal.

Dr. Viktor obtained his Radiophysics and Electronics Engineering from Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus in the year 1985. He also completed his Master’s in Radiophysics and Electronics Engineering in the year 1988, He undergone the research programme and successfully obtain his Doctoral Degree in 1992.

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